I have written several books under my own name, as well as contributing chapters and sections to other titles. I have also ghostwritten one title and been involved in editing other books.

Recent book work includes:

Co-authoring The Complete Crystal Sourcebook with Claudia Martin (HarperCollins, 2022):

The Complete Crystal Sourcebook by Rachel Newcombe and Claudia Martin









Writing a lot of material for The Illustrated Self-Care Bible (HarperCollins, 2021):

The UK edition of the Illustrated Self-Care Bible edited by Rachel Newcombe









I contributed various chapters to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies (HarperCollins, 2018):

Rachel Newcombe contributed chapters in the 2019 edition of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies









I wrote various sections for Good Housekeeping: 1000 Home Remedies (Collins & Brown, 2011):

Freelance book writer, author and copywriter Rachel Newcombe









I authored the book Skin Cancer and Sun Safety: The Essential Guide (Need2Know, 2010):

Skin cancer and sun safety book by author, Rachel Newcombe









I wrote the book Running, published by Parragon in 2008:

Book on Running for beginners by author Rachel Newcombe









There have since been various different versions of it and numerous foreign editions.

Loepning running guide Books written by writer Rachel Newcombe